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Born to Argentine-Jewish parents and raised within a larger Catholic-Colombian community in New Orleans, I grew up in many different worlds. As my experiences have taken me around the planet, I’ve been lucky enough to immerse myself within eclectic cultures, to learn from many different ancient traditions, and to start exploring the different dimensions of our consciousness. As part of this journey, it has come to my attention that it is very important that I tell you that I will eat your leftovers if you invite me to your house, and I might use your hair products.

I’m interested in encouraging myself and others to interact with openness and truth with each another, to protect the planet, and to tap into the healer in all of us. Feeling into my edges, my body, and ritualizing my learnings is my current focus and challenge. My work with others and companies reflects the work I try to do with myself — supporting individuals and groups on their journey of self understanding and expansion. If this resonates with you, I hope you’ll reach out so that together we may bring this world closer to unity, peace, and remembering just how connected we all are.


I AM A Community & business builder PASSIONATE ABOUT WORKING in emerging markets, A BorderLess world, and the sharing economy. I seek to heal just by being.

What I've “DonE”

Harvard Kennedy School Master's in Public Policy, first 30 employees at Airbnb, mentor to those wanting a mirror held up to themselves, participant in solutions that - more often than not - bring people together in real life.


Tortuga Agriculture, Investment

Belong Homes, Investment

Candid, Investment



Airbnb, International Growth

Google, New Markets + Policy

Fiverr, International Expansion


Founder - Mentor

Mealsharing, CXO

Trippin', Chief Strategist

Nilus, Board Advisor



I'd like to leave the world a tiny bit more connected and filled with light when it's my time to go.

Currently, I'm traveling the world and working with businesses, individuals, and myself to help us be better expressions of ourselves. The idea is that if we help each other tap into who we truly are, then there are literally no limitations to what we are able to accomplish and achieve. It's basically a mixture of advising, guiding, building, sharing, and my own brand of magic.

I'm looking to partner with anyone. Incubators, VCs, and startups are part my world for sure, but I am interested in connecting with people and companies supporting others on their healing and growth path.

Basically if any of this woo woo mumbling strikes a chord, please do reach out.

I'm available for coffee —or eating leftovers—, consulting, public speaking, and anything in between.